Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too Fried For Chicken

Ok, I know that title makes no sense.

I'm 2 1/2 weeks into the new job. First week was administrative, general, and computer training. Yeah. Fun stuff.
Week two was more computer training, meet'n greets, start learning the life and flow. Things are starting to gel, getting to see come cool stuff, excited for the next part of my training which will be off site at the end of June.
I've rediscovered how difficult it is to work the 9-5 life with small kids, especially one with special needs. Organizing the childcare, rides, keeping up with therapists, doctors, social workers, and such feels damn near impossible. And the household stuff- don't get me started!
If I can hang in there a few more weeks, I'll cut back to my part time life again. End of school year is always a nightmare anyways, so that doesn't help things.

Having a little bit of Working Mom Syndrome= Feeling like you're doing a half-ass job at home, and a half-ass job at work because your mind is always toggling between the two.
Join the club, right?

I envy the folks who can just be Mom. I really like to work, though, too. Waffling, Waffling. Financially impossible to stay home. Done. End of story.

Working Mom= Rite of Passage for the Generation X

Leaves my brain too fried for chicken, though. Whew!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Eco-Mission

As I sit here sore, tired, and listening to Finding Nemo in the background for the 1 millionth time, I peer out my window and see the fruits of my labor. I spent the day busy in the yard. It amazes me how much there is to do in the springtime! Add to that that fact that we built our house 3 years ago and are starting from zero. Everything needs to be done in baby steps. Last year was a wash since I spent half of it in house arrest because of my injury. AND we were surviving on one income.......
Anyway, I started the morning with breakfast in bed. I had to ASK for it but that's ok. It was delicious. Then I headed outside to do some hard core yardwork.

Some people find these chores tedious. I thoroughly enjoy it! I love listening to the sounds nature all around me. Today there was a fantastic breeze blended with the warm sunshine. It was a perfect day to be out. M and C joined me and soon after my Hubs. With shovels in hand the boys ventured out into the edge of the woods to host their own Rock Party. Don't ask me what that is- something to do with a big pile of rocks. I have yet to be invited. They surfaced from time to time to help us with simple chores like digging and watering.

So the Hubs and I moved dirt, 'borrowed' some mulch from my Dad next door, and prepared the garden.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. I stole this motto. I've made it my family's own. It fits in out here. The country life. It's all about simplicity. Using nature as your landscape. Use what's around. When mulch is not available we use leaves or grass clippings or even newspaper! Last year I learned to compost and started a garden. This year I doubled my garden space. I've dedicated one box for the boys to manage. It's never too early to be savvy! Plus, they love to help. I am having an absolute blast playing farmer. I have already enlisted my Mom to teach me how to can food when the time comes.

My eco-mission for today was to make a space for the strawberry patch. My Mom offered me the derelict old tractor tire we used to use as a sandbox 30 years ago. The thing is still sitting on her property somewhere! I figured it was the perfect solution. Sentimental, available, and reusable.

We had to hunt for the thing a bit. We eventually found it half buried in sludge and full of water and of course.......with a tree growing right in it's center! Somehow we managed to get it out and home.

Have a look and see for yourself!

IMHO I think it looks pretty darn SWEET!

2 boxes planted and 2 ready to go with some new rich black dirt. We did have to purchase some since our natural dirt is not suitable for planting. Even used some old cardboard to kill off the weeds between the beds rather than use chemicals. I'll lay mulch down later.

A happy little tomato plant.

The best part? I spent an entire day with my family outside doing what I love. I got lots of fresh air and worked up a sweat. I did something environmentally friendly. I get to look outside with a great sense of accomplishment at something I created. And I did it all for FREE!

This is the best Mothers' Day EVER!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend of baby love

Well Hello there sweet little N!

Last weekend I traveled with my Mom, my Sis "K2", and my baby nephew B. It was supposed to be a family trip for me as well, but my husband decided it was better to stay home. Disappointed as I was not to have all of them with me, it was a nice break. I also had the opportunity to spend the entire weekend being the Official Baby Holder. I held and rocked. Cuddled and snuggled. Changed diapers and kissed pudgy little baby feet. I got puked on. A lot. But being a veteran mom and nurse it didn't phase me. I liked it. It reminded me of when my boys were this little. It made me miss them and made me want more of them.

This trip to Minnesota marked another special occasion for me. We were celebrating the birth and baptism of my third Goddaughter.

How can you not love a weekend of all this pudgy, squishable, drooly, squirmy, deliciousness?

My beautiful Goddaughter N. Note the fresh regurgitated breastmilk "wet spot" on my shoulder and arm.

N wasn't really interested in becoming a child of God. She just wanted to eat. God understands.

The proud parents and my Mom.

Couldn't resist one more...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wildeman's Words

Recently found this man and his blog when he joined my Autism Families of Wisconsin group on FB. I was trying to create and army of support, awareness, and some people who understand my life living with someone who has Autism. What a gift Wildeman is! He himself has autism and is on his own mission with Autism and the current school system. His insight is incredible. Take a look and see for yourself!