Monday, February 22, 2010

Are we not all the same?

I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I am crazy. Him being a severely private person, he asked me not to tag him in any pictures. Something as personal as a blog is probably the last thing he would sanely do. I, however, know that deep inside we are all the same. We have the same insecurities, feelings, desires. We want to be understood and accepted. We want to share our failures and successes. We want to feel free to be ourselves and be loved for it. Why not share it? I believe the blog is the perfect medium for this expression. Through blogging, there's time to dwell on a thought and time to perfectly express it. As a society rushing from one thing to the next, it is hard to get it "just right" in real-time conversation. And it provides a window to the soul- something so rarely shared when face to face, as we let our insecurities drown it.

I respect my husband's desire for privacy of thought and action. That's not for me, though. In my journey through life, I want to keep learning and growing the best way I know how. I keep sharing. I know that there are others like me. Curious. Trying to take myself less seriously. Trying to be a better version of myself.

Are we not all the same?

Learn from me, I learn from you.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The day you were born

I heard you before I saw you.
Time stood still and yet my life flashed before my eyes.
Nothing as I knew it would ever be the same.
I was no longer one person but two. That is how it has been since I discovered you inside me. Long before I felt you move, your soul whispered to me.
I knew you before you were born.
I heard you cry your first breath and love washed over me.
I met your eyes and took you in.
In that fleeting moment I became my mother.
In one tidal wave of emotion, the world made sense. I had no questions. I knew the answers in my heart.
And so it is now.
I worry for you, I fight for you.
My heart sings your praises and mourns your losses.
There is nothing I would not sacrifice for you.
Every thought and action is for you.
Every one of my dreams is for you.
Wherever I am, I want you to be. Your soul still whispers to me. No matter how far apart we are, I can still feel how your energy has imprinted my heart.
I am no longer just "myself".
The day you were born, so was I.